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 The latest non-fiction work, with Dwight and Rhonda Hull, explores the world of paranormal contact with those who have crossed over - and with many of those who have come back.

The book showcases a new and unique method of paranormal communication and is backed by surprising documentation. 




One: You have a good book within you. This is the most important factor. I believe everyone has at least one good book within. The numerous challenges you face in getting from the idea to the published book can be mitigated and in some cases even eliminated by working with the right ghostwriter. Whatever your book may be - how-to, management, motivational, memoir, corporate history, rant ‘n rave, or even the great American novel - you can see it in print and a lot sooner than you now believe possible.

Two: You lack the time to write. Some of the people with the most to share are often the same people who just don't have the time to share their gifts, insights and stories. A client once told me, "I can write just about as well as you, but what would take me two years to do, you can complete in half a year." Ghostwriters can provide you with all the time you need to create a top quality and marketable work. It's what we do.

Three: You lack the skill. A lot of successful authors employ ghostwriters for that very reason. The transition from concept to completed manuscript is a complex one requiring a very specific skill set. You can avoid the learning curve by employing someone who has already made the journey.

Four: You think the process is too complicated. Publishing a book for the individual person has never been easier or more affordable r in the history of the world. As an author you have a variety of publishing options readily available, such as traditional agent/publisher, self-publishing, print-on-demand, e-publishing, vanity presses, and combinations of those options. Additionally, the market is loaded with talented writers, artists, book designers and other professionals who are at your service and often at surprisingly affordable rates.

Five: You think you lack the funds. An experienced ghostwriter will work with you to establish a workable budget and will help you stick to it. I work on a pay-as-you-go basis according to a fee established up front. Once you do a little homework, you will be surprised at the amount and quality of professional services at hand at affordable rates.

Six: You're afraid of being ripped off. Protecting your investment and your book is your responsibility. A professional ghostwriter is also dedicated to protecting your property and your rights - all of which should be established up front in a clear and easily understood contract. A good reputation is a valuable commodity in the writing business and ghostwriters live or die by it. We're fiercely protective of our name and that, by definition, means we're fiercely protective of our clients and their works.

Seven: You don't want to put out just another cookie cutter book. Neither does a good ghostwriter. One of my chief goals as a ghostwriter is to make sure my author's book is his/her book and not Dan's version of that book. You are unique and your book should be a unique product. A good ghostwriter wants your manuscript to reflect that unique view.

Eight: You'll become an instant expert. I have a multi-book client who had been trying unsuccessfully for years to get a face-to-face meeting with a major investor. After publishing his book, but before marketing it, he sent a complimentary copy to this investor. Within weeks he got the meeting he'd been wanting. My author told me, "Dan, this book is the best business card I ever had." The fact that he had become a published author established him as an expert and put him well ahead of his competition.

Nine: You lack the gumption. That's all the more reason to contact a professional ghostwriter. You provide the direction, while we do all the heavy lifting.  If you're ready to see that book inside you online and in print, contact a ghostwriter and get started. A good place to begin is baldco@msn.com or 480-807-9682.




Isn't It Time To Write Your Book?

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            Most people have a good book in them, but lack the professional training or time to bring it out. That’s my job. I can take your concepts, experiences, and inspiration to create that book. More important, the manuscript will be your book – guided, refined and polished by your personal vision. I work with major publishers and self-published authors and I have the talent, experience, credentials and drive to help you produce your book.

            Isn’t it time we started writing?

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