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Dan Baldwin is the Writer, Co-Writer or Ghostwriter of: 


Caldera and Caldera-A Man on Fire (novels) by Dan Baldwin 
Tom Hopkins’ Sales Prospecting For Dummies 
Sell It Today, Sell It Now, by Tom Hopkins and Pat Lieby 
Mastering the Art of Selling Mortgages by Tom Hopkins
Mastering the Art of Selling Financial Services by Tom Hopkins 
Be “Money Smart” by Robert Davis 
Right Beneath Your Feet by Robert Davis 
High Impact Leadership by Mark Sanborn                       
Energy In The Organization, by Dr. Robert Rausch 
Heading For A Crash – How Pro Sports Rip You Off by Robert J. Tanterri 
Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol & Drug Abuse (PublishAmerica, Inc.) by Dan Baldwin and George Sewell 
Find Me by the members of Find Me as told to Dan Baldwin (New River Press)  
The Investor’s Paradigm (CD series) by Garrett White 
Streetwise Guide To Property Management, by Mark Weiss and Dan Baldwin (Adams Media Corporation) 
Streetwise Guide To Restaurant Management, by John R. James and Dan Baldwin (Adams Media Corporation) 
Condos, Co-ops and Town Homes by Mark Weiss (Dearborn Publishing) 
Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Developer by Mark Weiss (Dearborn Publishing) 
Real Estate Flipping by Mark Weiss (Adams Media)  
The Real Estate Diet by Mark Weiss  
Financial Planning for Seniors by Ernest V. McDaniel 
Black Belt Parenting by Solomon Brenner 
I Will Not Be Denied by Omar Periu T
he One Minute Meeting by Omar Periu 
Negotiation Art and Science by Omar Periu 
From Zero to Wealth by Omar Periu 
Motivation Here and Now by Omar Periu 
The Greatest Gift by Omar Periu 
The Power of Motivation and Power Prospecting To Get In (CD series) by Omar Periu 
Foreclosures  by Omar Periu (CD series) 
Commercial Real Estate by Omar Periu (CD Series) T
o Sell or Not to Sell by Charles Biondo 
Lawyers Are Liars by Mark Kohler (Nouveau Riche University) 
50 tuition-based college training manuals for Nouveau Riche College 
Editor for Laaman on Sales #1 and Laaman on Sales #2, Laaman on Management,
and How To Recession-Proof Your Sales in Any Economy  by Laura Laaman
Step Up or Step Out by Kathrine Halpin
The I Can’t Get Enough Club (editor) by Mark Weiss
Upgrade by Mark Sanborn (editorial services)

The White Dove of the Desert